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"Skilled migration is the key to a thriving and cohesive economy"

"One of the quiet achievements of Australian public policy during the past decade has been our skilled migration program. Under successive governments it has become focused on delivering the skills Australia needs when it needs them."

"With their high employment participation and generally low unemployment, skilled migrants are likely to settle successfully, which helps build social cohesion and broader community support for migration - including family and humanitarian migration."

"Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rates for migrants in the OECD and is one of only three OECD countries where migrants' unemployment rates are virtually the same as for locally born."

"Employer-sponsored migration is a demand-driven model that places skilled migrants directly in the jobs they need and where locals cannot be found. The other major skilled migrant group, independent skilled migrants, are now subject to increasingly strict criteria based on skills, occupations in demand and higher-level English. Such selection factors are likelier to lead to good employment outcomes."

"Skilled migrants fill shortages in the Australian labour market that help our economy grow. They are younger, likelier to be in work and better educated than the average Australian, and thus boost participation, productivity and population. Research by Peter McDonald at the Australian National University has shown that without skilled migration, our labour force will begin declining in about 2036. To keep Australia's economy growing and to ensure we have the skills necessary to achieve it, immigration must continue to play a significant role in Australia's labour market."

(c) Michael Easson - Chairman of the Ministerial Council on Skilled Migration

"John Cridland, director-general of the employers’ group CBI, said skilled migration had been “positive” for the UK economy, and called for the net migration target to be scrapped. “Businesses stand ready to play their part in helping the government develop a properly managed migration system that shows that Britain is open for busine ss,” he said."

"Simon Walker, director-general of the Institute of Directors “The myth of the job-stealing immigrant is nonsense,” he said. “Immigrants do not steal jobs, they help fill vital skill shortages and, in doing so, create demand and more jobs."

Skilled Migration Group Limited started its Skilled Migration Employment Recruiting history assisting Employers and Employees in countries such as UK, Australia, The Philippines, UAE, Qatar, Peru, Chile, Colombia, USA, Africa, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal.

Let us help you:-

  • Identify Staffing Needs
  • Deal with Compliance
  • Develop your Position/Job Description
  • Identify your Target audience
  • Write your Job advertisements
  • Find the most suitable job boards, websites and social media to display the ads
  • Create a Selection Process and Conduct Interviews
  • Short List suitable Candidates
  • Reference Checks
  • Evidence of English
  • Skills Assessments
  • Medicals
  • Visa Process and Applications
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Inductions and Cultural Awareness Training
  • Ongoing Assessments